Training can be fun, sometimes! Lol 😏💯💪🏿 #combatmedic #healerprotector #colgatesmile
So what do we do when we're not teaching?

We're learning!

Here's some of the Team training in Gas Tight Suits, ensuring we're on top of our game.

First Aid... Read more
Many of the Army military occupational specialties (MOS) are automatically mapped into civilian credentials which can save you the financial hassle i.e. college and technical school. Why not learn about... Read more
I want to say congratulations to this young man. He made the ultimate decision to join the United States Army as a soon to be High school senior. He got... Read more
It's all about choices... After fasted cardio this morning at 4am... I decided on eggs, oatmeal, and some berries... Yesterday shopping I passed by this (second pic) as much as... Read more
@tcarmsco Encore Pro Hunter makes dreams happen for our #82Airborne #CombatMedic .... 1st deer ever and a nice CA #Blacktail @VortexOptics @hornadymfg #VSA #VSAFAMILY .... #TCArms #BassProShops #Cabelas
Post 3/4 on vascular access.
Something I hope we are all familiar with as medical professionals. The standard peripheral catheter. The sizes range from 14 gauge — 26... Read more
‘Slow is smooth, smooth is fast’

Another great post from @realfirstaid

A ‘Condor moment’ is an old British Army Officer saying which means takes a breath, think and then act.... Read more
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